ATAP - Arkansas Taxpayer Access Point 

Arkansas Taxpayer Access Point (ATAP)

Sales and Use Tax Return File Upload Information 

ATAP is a web-based service that will give taxpayers, or their designated representative, online access to their tax accounts and offers the following services: 

  • Register a business
  • File a return on-line (except Individual Income Tax)
  • File a return using XML return upload
  • Change a name
  • Change an address
  • Amend a return
  • Make a payment
  • Store banking information for use during payment submission
  • View tax period financial information (tax, penalty, interest, credits, balance, etc.)
  • View payments received
  • View recent account activity
  • View correspondence from the department  

ATAP allows taxpayers to access their following accounts online:

  • Sales and Use Tax 
  • Withholding Tax 
  • Corporate Income Tax 
  • Partnership Income Tax 
  • Composite Income Tax 
  • Individual Income Tax 
  • Motor Fuel Tax (except IFTA) 
  • Dyed Diesel Tax 
  • Brine Severance Tax 
  • Natural Gas Severance Tax 
  • Oil Severance Tax 
  • Timber Severance Tax 
  • Other Severance Taxes 
  • Beer Excise Tax 
  • Liquor Excise Tax 
  • Wine Excise Tax 
  • Cigarette Excise Tax 
  • Cigarette Papers Excise Tax 
  • Other Tobacco Products Tax 
  • Soft Drink Excise Tax 
  • Waste Tire Fee 
  • Amusement Decal/License 
  • Vending Device Fee 
  • Beauty Pageant License 
  • Bingo Tax 
  • Bingo/Raffle License 
  • Construction Surcharge 
  • Electronic Games of Skill Fee 
  • Telecommunications Surcharge 
  • Beef Promotion Fee 
  • Brucellosis/Pseudorabies Promotion Fee 
  • Catfish Promotion Fee 
  • Corn/Sorghum Promotion Fee 
  • Rice Promotion Fee 
  • Soybean Promotion Fee 
  • Wheat Promotion Fee  

If you are currently enrolled with our online systems to either make payments or file a return electronically, you will need to sign up in ATAP to take advantage of the enhanced services.