Return File Upload Information

The files below contain information pertinent to submitting an XML (Extensible Markup Language) return for various tax types.  Listed are links of files that will instruct and guide you through the process of uploading your XML return. For additional information please contact Brian Sansoucie at


Title Posted
CIG-1 Resident Template Specifications 10/19/2012
CIG-1 Resident Upload Template | Excel 10/19/2012
CIG-2 Non-Resident Template Specifications 10/19/2012
CIG-2 Non-Resident Upload Template | Excel 10/19/2012

Natural Gas Severance

Title Posted
First Purchaser Return Sample (XML) 10/17/2012
First Purchaser Return Schema (XSD) 10/17/2012
First Purchases Upload Template | Excel 01/08/2013
Operator Producer Upload Template | Excel 01/08/2013
Operator Producers Return Schema (XSD) 10/17/2012
Operator-Producers Return Sample (XML) 10/17/2012
XML Upload Instructions 10/17/2012


Title Posted
Return Sample (XML) 04/25/2019
Return Schema (XSD) 12/04/2017
XML Upload Instructions 10/17/2012

Sales Tax

Title Posted
2014 Return Sample (XML) 01/08/2014
2014 Return Schema (XSD) 01/08/2014
2014 XML Field Definitions 01/08/2014
Return Sample (XML Prior to 2014) 01/08/2014
Return Schema (XSD Prior to 2014) 01/08/2014
XML Field Definitions (Prior to 2014) 01/08/2014
XML Upload Instructions 10/17/2012

Waste Tire

Title Posted
Return Sample (XML) 02/09/2018
Return Schema (XSD) 02/09/2018
XML Upload Instructions 10/17/2012


Title Posted
Return Sample (XML) 10/17/2012
Return Schema (XSD) 09/22/2016
XML Upload Instructions 10/17/2012