The Hot Springs office is open daily during the months of January through April (Live Racing Meet). All other times, please contact the Little Rock office. 

Please mail all applications along with proper payment to the address listed below.

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Rules & Regulations

Title Posted
Instant Racing Rules 08/10/2009
RCI Uniform Classification Guidelines for Foreign Substances 01/29/2018
ARC Rule Addendums 1 01/05/2018
ARC Rule Addendums 2 01/05/2018
2022 Horse Rule Book 12/01/2021
2021 Horse Rule Book 09/22/2021
2020 Horse Rule Book 01/24/2020
2019 Horse Rule Book 01/24/2019
2019 Horse Rule Book - Appendix 01/24/2019
2021-2022 Horse Racing Appendix 12/01/2021

Emergency Rule Changes effective 1/18/2018

Title                 Posted
ARC Emerg Rule 1217(C)                                                         02/07/2018                  
ARC Emerg Rule 1231B3 02/07/2018