Appropriations and Funds

The Appropriation Management Section is responsible for: reviewing all Appropriation Acts and those General Acts pertaining to fiscal legislation and merging, establishing and abolishing of agencies, establishing appropriation, character codes, and descriptions, processing all appropriation and allotment transfers, processing adjustments, to appropriations as required, coordinating and approving Method of Finance forms, preparing and updating the Appropriation Manual, processing all expense error corrections, maintaining biennial agency list, certifying Y vouchers, reconciling appropriations monthly with the State Auditor, maintaining control ledgers and preparing reports on specified appropriations, and providing assistance to all state agencies.

The Funds group is responsible for: reviewing all legislation pertaining to fiscal matters, establishing new legal funds and revenue codes, managing cash flow and processing distributions pursuant to the Revenue Stabilization Law, providing general revenue agencies monthly breakdown of allotted general revenue, modifying general revenue allotments with forecast changes, processing and documenting legal fund transfers and loans, processing revenue receipt corrections, and preparing reports required by State law or legislative process.