Boards & Commissions Resource Portal

The purpose of the Boards and Commissions Resource Manual is to provide information to members of State boards and commissions about financial and administrative requirements of Arkansas State Government.  The information in the manual is intended to assist in understanding the requirements. The information is applicable to all boards and commissions.

Ark. Code Ann. §19-4-101 states that it is the general policy of the State to:

  • Maintain on a sound financial basis the State and all of its boards, commissions, departments, and institutions 
  • Provide adequate accounting for all fiscal transactions, and 
  • Provide for uniformity in budget preparation, presentation, and execution 

The information in the manual is intended to further the execution of this policy.  While the manual provides general information, more specific information can be found in other documents published by the DFA.

Boards and Commissions Resource Manual

Requests for electronic copies of this manual can be made by sending an email to, calling 501-682-1675.