Financial Management Guide

Title Posted
Financial Management Guide | Print Version 07/01/2023
Capital Asset Guidelines | Print Version 05/23/2018

Forms and Appendices

Title Posted
Organizational Code of Conduct 03/27/2014
P1-19-4-1006 Federal Excise Tax on Fuel Exemption/Refund Certificate 08/28/2009
P1-19-4-1008 Revolving Travel Repayment Agreement 08/28/2009
P1-19-4-1503 Capital Asset Guidelines 05/23/2018
P1-19-4-1801 Reimbursement of Expenses Between Agencies 09/12/2017
P1-19-4-1807 Treasury-State Agreement/CMIA 08/28/2009
P1-19-4-2004 Journal Entries - Losses & Shortages 09/21/2017
P1-19-4-403 Warrant Cancellation Matrix 08/28/2009
P1-19-4-407 Request for Reversal/Deletion of an ACH Item 08/28/2009
P1-19-4-506 AASIS Table of Reports 08/28/2009
P1-19-4-524 Method of Financing Request 10/30/2009
P1-19-4-601 Business Area Functional Area and Cost Center Ranges Table 08/28/2009
P1-19-4-711 Checklist for Abolished Agency 08/28/2009
P1-19-4-805 Cash in Bank Reconciliation 12/15/2009
P1-19-4-806 Imprest Fund Request 08/28/2009
P1-19-5-101 Transfer In/Out Federal Funds - Generic Memo 09/18/2017
P1-19-5-104 Treasurer of State Investment Policy 09/21/2017
P1-19-5-701 DFA Unemployment Comp. Agency Contributions Sample Invoice 08/28/2009
P1-19-5-801 DFA Workers Comp. Agency Contributions Sample Invoice 08/28/2009
P1-19-6-101 Reclaim Certification Form 09/22/2017
P1-19-9-201 Long-Term Debt Entries 08/08/2013
P1-21-5-1202 Military Differential Pay Worksheet 08/28/2009
P2-19-4-1503 Depreciation Table 08/28/2009
P2-19-4-2004 Debt Abatement Journal Entries 08/28/2009
P2-19-4-403 Affadavit Forged Warrant 01/28/2016
P2-19-4-403B Affadavit Forged Warrant Instructions 01/28/2016
p2-19-4-505 Internal Control Activities Examples 08/28/2009
p2-19-4-524 WBS Elements - Assets Under Construction 08/28/2009
p2-19-4-601 Table of Commitment Items 08/28/2009
P2-19-4-711 Checklist for New Agencies 08/28/2009
P2-19-4-806 Sample Petty Cash Voucher 08/28/2009
P2-19-4-904 Travel Reimbursement (TR-1) 11/21/2016
P2-19-5-101 Intra-Agency Transfer (Funds) 09/14/2017
P2-19-5-101b Goods/Services Transferred Between Agencies 09/13/2017
P2-19-5-802 Workers Compensation Manual Invoice 08/28/2009
P2-19-6-101 Sales and Use Tax Reporting Instructions 08/28/2009
P3-19-4-1503 Credit for State Property 01/28/2016
P3-19-4-403 Request for Refund to Expenditure 01/28/2016
P3-19-4-505 Internal Control Questionnaire 08/28/2009
P3-19-4-518 AASIS Expense Error Correction Request 08/28/2009
P3-19-4-806 Postage Due Summary 08/28/2009
P3-19-5-101 Inter-Agency Transfer (Funds) 08/28/2009
P4-19-4-403 AASIS Non-Payroll Warrant Cancellation 01/27/2016
P4-19-4-505 Audit Reporting Finding Form 08/28/2009
P5-19-4-403 Bond for Reissuing Warrant 01/28/2016
P5-19-5-101 General Revenue Advance 09/21/2017
P5-19-5-101q Loan Request Form 09/21/2017
P6-19-4-403 AASIS Prior Year Warrant Cancellation 01/28/2016
P6-19-4-505 Fraud Reporting 08/28/2009
P6-19-4-511 Travel Expense Reconciliation 08/28/2009
P7-19-4-403 Prior Year Warrant Cancellation Certification 01/28/2016
P7-19-4-403b Prior Year Warrant Cancellation Certification 08/28/2009
p7-19-4-403bpy Prior Year Warrant Cancellation/Refund Instructions 08/28/2009
P8-19-4-403 Request for Reverse Payment/Void 08/28/2009