Accounting Forms

1099 Forms

Title Posted
Reportable Real Estate Transactions Spreadsheet 12/16/2009
Service Bureau Agency AASIS Vendor Correction Spreadsheet 12/16/2009
Service Bureau Agency Review Of AASIS Vendor Reports 01/12/2012
Service Bureau Agency Vendor Payments Bank 01/12/2012
Service Bureau Agency Vendors Correction Instructions 01/12/2012
User Agency AASIS Vendor Online Correction Process 01/12/2012
User Agency AASIS Vendor Report Running Instructions 01/12/2012
User Agency One-Time Vendor Correction Spreadsheet 12/16/2009
User Agency Review Of AASIS Vendor Reports 01/12/2012
User Agency Vendor Payments Bank 01/12/2012


Title Posted
Bank Reconcilation Form 10/05/2010
Create Funds Center Form 01/09/2014
Expense Error Correction 12/16/2009
Funds Center Transfer 12/16/2009
Imprest Fund Request 06/06/2023
Method of Finance 12/16/2009
Method of Finance | ARRA 12/16/2009
Method of Finance Memo 12/16/2009

Fixed Assets

Title Posted
Asset Expense Error Correction 06/27/2019
Asset Transfer/Change/Retirement Request 07/23/2021
Create Asset Master Record 06/06/2023
Credit for State Property Memorandum 06/08/2021
Post Cap 12/04/2012


Title Posted
Create Fund 03/07/2012
Reclaim Certfication 03/07/2012
Revenue or Transfer Correction 03/07/2012

General Ledger Maintenance & Reconciliation

Title Posted
Approved Abatement Charge Off 12/16/2009
Cost Center Request 10/05/2010
Customer Master Record Request 10/01/2018
Customer Refunds to External Entity 12/16/2009
General Ledger Account Request Form 09/21/2017
Gross Receipts Tax Rebate | Sales Tax 12/16/2009
Gross Receipts Tax Rebate | Use Tax 10/22/2012
Refund to Expenditure Request 06/05/2023
Refund to Expenditure Instructions 05/23/2023

Service Bureau

Title Posted
Direct Invoice/Credit Memo 10/23/2014
Expense Error Correction 06/06/2023
Journal Entry Request 10/12/2012
Prior Year Check Cancellation 12/16/2009
Prior Year Check Cancellation Instructions 12/16/2009
Purchase Order Invoice/Credit Memo 10/23/2014
Reimbursement Request 10/22/2012
Revenue Receipts Deposit 12/16/2009
Vendor Remittance 12/16/2009
WBS Element 12/16/2009
WBS Element Assignment 12/16/2009


Title Posted
Mileage Reimbursement Memo | Effective 03/17/2022 04/20/2023
Travel Expense Reconciliation 04/08/2011
Travel Reimbursement Form | TR-1 09/19/2019

Warrant Cancellation/New Issue

Title Posted
Affidavit of Forged Warrant 05/22/2014
Bond for Reissuing Warrant 09/17/2018
Non-Payroll Warrant Cancellation Form 11/31/2023