New to OCSE

New to OCSE

This section provides an introduction to new customers of OCSE explaining what to expect from child support services.

Each family is different and has different needs. Your child support case will be reviewed by OCSE staff to determine the type of services needed. As your case progresses, you can expect to receive letters, requests for information, and other notices.  

The easiest way to keep up with what is happening with your child support case is through the OCSE MyCase customer service website. Go to OCSE MyCase for a site preview and to create an account. Through OCSE MyCase you can check case status, view recent payments, make online payments, update your contact information, and securely communicate with OCSE staff.  

Things to Know

  • Have your case number ready when you call to make it easier for our staff to help you. If you don’t know your case number, we will ask questions to confirm your identity.
  • OCSE does not represent the custodial party or the noncustodial parent. OCSE represents the State’s interest in seeing that children receive the financial support they need from both parents.    
  • It is very important to read carefully and respond to mail received from OCSE. If you receive something from OCSE that you do not understand, please contact our office.
  • Understand the legal consequences of signing a legal document before you sign it. Carefully read anything that you are about to sign. If you do not understand something, ask for an explanation or consult an attorney. Once a legal document is signed and filed with the court, it may not be possible to change. 
  • If you hire an attorney, OCSE will work with your attorney and only discuss your case with your attorney.

We Protect Your Privacy
The information about both parties and your children is kept confidential. State and federal laws, regulations, and policy limit how and to whom your information may be shared. OCSE will not give information about you to the other party or other people without your permission except when permitted or required by law.


We may, as required by state or federal law, provide information about your case to other agencies, such as welfare agencies or child support agencies in other states.