Customer Service

The OCSE MyCase customer service portal is your best source of information about your child support case. From there you can check your case status, get payment information, make online payments, update your contact information, and securely communicate with OCSE staff

To speak to OCSE staff and for other help with your child support case, contact the office assigned to your case first. Click here for a list of OCSE offices and the counties they serve.

While each case has an assigned caseworker, other staff in the office can also help you. When you call have your case number ready. If you don’t know your case number, you will be asked to provide information to confirm your identify.

As with any business, hard issues come up that are difficult to resolve. If you aren’t satisfied with something about your child support services, ask to speak with a supervisor or the office manager. He or she can help and will work with you to resolve the problem. You may have to leave a message and should expect a return call within one business day. 

OCSE cannot resolve complaints about custody, visitation, or spousal support orders. It is recommended that your consult with your attorney for help with those issues. 

Administrative Review
If an error has occurred in your case, such as services not provided in a timely manner or to contest calculation of arrears, or if you feel an action should have been taken on your case, and you would like a formal, written review, request an Administrative Review by printing the form from here. You can also request the form from a local office. Once you complete and return the request, the manager of your assigned child support office will review the facts in your case and send you a written response within 10 days.