Receiving Payments

The information on this page is for those who have either an open enforcement or a payment processing case with the Arkansas Office of Child Support Enforcement. If you do not have either an open enforcement or a payment processing case, you will not receive payments through the Clearinghouse.

Payments are received at the Clearinghouse every business day and are disbursed within two business days unless there isn't enough information to identify the case to which the payments belong.

Ways to Receive Your Child Support Payments
We offer two convenient ways for custodial parties to electronically receive child support payments: the U.S. Bank ReliaCard® and direct deposit.

To receive electronic notice when payments are received for your case, visit and enroll at the OCSE MyCase cutsomer servcie portal. MyCase provides payment information as well as a convenient way to check the status of your case, update your contact information, or communicate with OCSE staff. Click here to visit or to register for OCSE MyCase.
All new enrollments and any changes must be made in writing to OCSE using the Electronic Deposit Enrollment Form, which is available on the Forms and Publications page. Instructions for submitting your request to OCSE are on the form. If at any time you wish to change from direct deposit to the U.S. Bank ReliaCard, or vice versa, simply submit another form.
U.S. Bank ReliaCard –a prepaid debit card, not a credit card. There is no bank account or credit check required. Your payments are loaded directly on the card, and you can use the card just as you would a debit card.  Allow up to ten business days to complete the process when requesting a new U.S. Bank ReliaCard. Once your U.S. Bank ReliaCard is active, funds are available up to two business days of being disbursed from OCSE. 

Things you can do with the U.S. Bank ReliaCard without incurring a fee: make purchases, teller cash withdrawal, in-network ATM withdrawal, customer service, and monthly account maintenance. For additional services, some fees may apply. A complete Fee Schedule will be included in your card packet, or call the Arkansas Child Support Clearinghouse at 1-866-428-8382 for more information. 

Direct Deposit – The only requirement for direct deposit is to have an open checking or savings account. Once you submit an Electronic Deposit Application, OCSE will work with your bank to coordinate direct deposit. Allow five business days to complete the process for new direct deposit accounts or if you are switching from one bank account to another. Contact your bank to learn when funds will be available once they are disbursed to you.
If you wish to cancel your direct deposit, or if a deposit is rejected by your bank because the account is closed or for other reasons, you will be issued a U.S. Bank ReliaCard onto which any and all child support payments will be made. 

Payments Received in Error
While OCSE makes every effort to correctly post and apply payments to your case, situations do occur that can result in money being sent to you that you are not entitled to keep. If you receive money that you are not entitled to keep or the IRS takes back a tax refund paid on your case, you will be notified as soon as OCSE knows of the problem. If an overpayment occurs in your case, OCSE will outline repayment options that you may choose so that you can return the money in a way that is easiest for you and your particular situation.

If you receive a child support payment that is unusual or unexpected, you are urged to contact your local child support office or the Clearinghouse to ask about the payment.