Statutory Reference: § 5-65-205 

Suspension periods for DWI/BWI Refused To Test offenses are as follows:

  • 1st offense Refused To Test = 180-day suspension.
  • 2nd offense Refused To Test = 24-month suspension (if 2nd offense was within a 5-year time span).
  • 3rd offense Refused To Test = 3-year revocation (if 3rd offense was within a 5-year time span).
  • 4th offense Refused To Test = Lifetime revocation (if 4th offense was within a 5-year time span).

Statutory Reference: § 5-65-205

DWI/BWI Refused to Test administrative convictions require the following state statute requirements be completed before the licensee may be reinstated:

  • Individual must attend a Victim Impact Panel class and submit a completion certificate to Driver Control.
  • Individual must pay a $150 reinstatement fee. Payments may be made in person at any State Revenue Office, by mail or online at
  • Individual with a “Revoked” license status will be required to pass all phases of the Arkansas Driver’s License Exam.