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Posted Date Announcement
04/16/2019 Now Available Through EASE: Annual Benefits Statement
03/22/2019 New Report: Performance Evaluation (PE) Final Ratings and Compensation
03/19/2019 EASE Employee Alert Emails To Be Based on Rounded Hours
03/15/2019 Lockdown Lifted: Compensation Eligibility Override Records
02/25/2019 Procurement - Agency Tips for Fiscal Year End Closing
02/25/2019 Accounts Payable - Agency Tips for Fiscal Year End Closing
02/22/2019 Discontinued Support for PRD - EZ
02/22/2019 Simplified Procurement Screens No Longer Supported
12/11/2018 Enhancement to Address Entry on HR Master Data
11/28/2018 Christmas & New Year Holiday Payment Run Schedule
11/21/2018 Enhancements to the Position Control Report
11/05/2018 AASIS Personal Lists
10/05/2018 2019 Open Enrollment AASIS Benefit Processing Dates
10/02/2018 General Ledger Account Master Data Report Now Available
07/16/2018 New E-Payables Vendor Report Now Available
07/13/2018 Enable Default Address Fields in Purchase Orders and Purchase Requisitions
07/05/2018 New Compensation Differential Report Now Available
06/27/2018 Payment Errors Now Available in ZOPENITEMAP Report
06/27/2018 Time Transactions and EASE Portal will be Locked on June 30, 2018
06/11/2018 Fiscal Year-End Role Lock-out Schedule