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Posted Date Announcement
02/22/2022 ARBuy Conversion Activities: Validate Open AASIS Outline Agreements
01/20/2022 Decommission of Sub-Grant Earmarked Funds
11/10/2021 Procurement – Outline Agreements Can Now be Shared among Agencies/Divisions within the Same Cabinet Department
10/01/2021 Open Enrollment Benefit Processing Dates for 2022
05/12/2020 New HR Time & Leave Approver Report Now Available
04/22/2020 NEW EASE Employee Time Statement Now Available
04/20/2020 New HR Report Now Available
04/03/2020 New Time Report Now Available
04/02/2020 2020 Performance Goals and Compensation (PGC) Groups and Measures
02/07/2020 New Transaction: Sick Leave Incentive Report
12/02/2019 New Functionality: Credit Memo Application
11/26/2019 New Report: Transaction ZFI_CASH_ACTIVITY
10/31/2019 Additions to Transaction ZVACANT
10/14/2019 Service Contracts
10/10/2019 Employee Leave Use Report (Transaction ZLEAVUSE) Now Displays the Previous Day Indicator
10/07/2019 Certain HR Transactions Will Remain Locked Until Payroll Exits
10/04/2019 New Search Feature for Employee and Agency Vendors
09/20/2019 Transaction ZBCJ (Deposit Slip Printing and Cash Journal Clearing Summary) Updated
07/10/2019 Procurement Workflow Changes
04/16/2019 Now Available Through EASE: Annual Benefits Statement