New Users

Not Sure where to Start?   The AASIS Service Center (ASC) has designed this page specifically for you.    

Signing Into AASIS
AASIS is the Arkansas Administrative Statewide Information System. The first thing you will need is a user name and password. In order to get your initial password, you will need your AASIS User ID and personnel number. Before calling the AASIS Help Desk for your initial password, please contact your agency personnel department for your AASIS User ID and personnel number. For security reasons, the AASIS Help Desk cannot provide this information. Once you have obtained your AASIS User ID and personnel number from your agency, you can reach the AASIS Help Desk at 501-683-2255 weekdays between the hours of 7:30 am - 4:30 pm for an initial password. The initial password given by the Help Desk will allow you temporary access to the system, where you will be prompted to change your password to one known only by you.
You may be asking yourself, what's next? We offer two orientation classes. Options for taking these classes can be found on the following DFA Learn pages:
AASIS Navigation Basics
AASIS Reporting

In addition to the orientation class, we offer a number of courses specific to Finance (FI), Human Capital Management (HCM), Materials Management (MM), and PBAS

Log In for Registration Activities

For all Course Registration Activities, including the Waiting List, you must login at Empowering Arkansas State Employees (EASE) with the same User ID and Password that you use for AASIS Production. 

If you do not know your AASIS User ID, contact your agency Personnel department to obtain it before calling the AASIS Help Desk for an initial password. 

Empowering Arkansas State Employees (EASE)

So, you're a new employee, and you just want to see your pay stub.  You will need to access the EASE portal which provides employees access to be able to view personal data such as payroll remuneration statements, benefits enrollment, leave balances, and contact information. Learn more by visiting the Empowering Arkansas State Employees (EASE) web page.