Payment Processing Cases Complaints

If you’re not satisfied with the assistance you’re receiving from the Clearinghouse, ask to speak with the Customer Service Manager. He or she will address your concerns with you. You may have to leave a message. If so, please allow one business day for a response.

If you prefer a more formal form of complaint, you may request an Administrative Review.

Administrative Review Process
You may request an Administrative Review by writing a letter or by using our form and submitting it to the Clearinghouse. The office manager will review your concerns and send a written response within 10 days of the receipt of receiving your request.

NOTE: This review process will not work if there is an open enforcement case. The issues must be resolved using the complaint process through the local office.

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Arkansas Child Support Clearinghouse PO Box 8128
Little Rock, AR 72203
866-428-8382 501-683-7912