Change an Order

                  Note: You must have an open enforcement case with us if you want our help
                  changing your order.  Or you may seek the services of a private attorney.

We do not have the authority to address visitation or custody issues.

In Arkansas, all changes to child support orders must be signed by a judge. OCSE provides services that include changing an order if it’s appropriate. To avoid unnecessary legal fees, OCSE does what we call a review before beginning the legal process. Since the OCSE attorney does not represent the custodial party or the noncustodial parent, some people choose to hire an attorney. 

When you ask to change an order, the amount of current support may go up, go down, or stay the same. Every time an order is changed, medical insurance for the children will be addressed.

Who Can Request a Review 
You have a right to a review of your order if it has been more than three years since the last child support order was entered by the court or reviewed by OCSE. You may request a review sooner than three years if there has been a significant change in income in an amount equal to or more than 20% per month. 

Last or only child emancipating
- When the last or only child on an order emancipates, the noncustodial parent’s obligation to pay child support automatically ends. You won’t need to request a review when this happens. However, if past-due child support is still owed, the noncustodial parent must continue payments until the amount owed is paid. 

More than one child on an order - To ensure your remaining child or children receive the correct amount of support after one child emancipates, a review of your child support amount should be conducted by your local child support office.

Noncustodial Parents Who are Incarcerated
Being incarcerated does not automatically change a court-ordered child support obligation. The court order remains in effect and support continues to accrue and be owed. However, noncustodial parents may be eligible to lower their child support payments if they will be incarcerated for more than six months and have no other income or property.

Orders Issued by Another State
If your child support order was issued in another state, the laws of that state will determine when an order can be changed. Contact the child support agency in the state your order was issued to determine if your order can be changed.

Contact your local child support office if you have questions about changing an order.