Costs and Fees

Custodial parties are assessed charges, in addition to the application fee due when a case is opened, that partially offset the costs of services, including legal services. 

Fees and costs assessed while the case is an open enforcement case are recovered from child support payments collected by withholding 13% from any payment received through the Arkansas Child Support Clearinghouse.

NOTE: Custodial parties who are required to cooperate with OCSE because they receive SNAP, Medicaid, or TEA, or custodial parties whose child in the case receives ARKids 1st, are not assessed fees.

Application Fee - $25
The person applying for child support services will pay an application fee. This one-time fee is nonrefundable and nonreimbursable. A separate application and $25 fee is required for each noncustodial parent. 

Base Cost – 13% up to a maximum of $18 
Includes overhead costs and activities other than legal services. The base cost is charged for any month that OCSE receives a child support payment on your account.

Legal Action
Initiation of Court Action - $80
Assessed when a complaint, motion or petition with summons, order or citation, affidavit and arrest warrant or notice/order of hearing is prepared and forwarded to the clerk for processing in all cases (child support, paternity, interstate, criminal nonsupport, and contempt).

Out-of-Court Settlement - $100
Assessed when the initiated court action is resolved prior to court appearance in all cases.

In-Court Settlement - $150
Assessed when the initiated court action is resolved at the court appearance without trial.

Trial - $250
Assessed when the initiated court action is resolved by the court after a hearing is held.

Actual Costs
Actual costs will be assessed, based on actual costs incurred by the agency for monies expended for transcripts of trials or depositions, service of process fees, HLA chemical tests, DNA genetic tests, filing fees, and all other court costs.

Financial Institution Levy fee - $35
This fee will be charged for each levy which results in a monetary recovery from a participating financial institution or a levy against an insurance claim.

Federal Offset Fee - $25
This fee will be charged for federal offsets each year there is an assessment.