Driver Services Forms

Driver License Issuance

Title Posted
Affidfvit of legal Name Change 05/20/2019
Financial Responsibility Acceptance and Release Form 03/28/2016
Proof of Legal Presence and Proof of Identification 03/21/2019
Prueba de Presencia Legal e Identificación 05/19/2020
Proof of Legal Presence-Real ID 05/20/2019
Prueba de Presencia Legal e Identificación-REAL ID 05/20/2020
Notarized Financial Responsibility                                                                                10/01/2019
Change of Address Form 12/23/2019

Driver Records

Title Posted
Driving Records Release 08/03/2020
Driving Records Request 08/24/2020
Driving Records Requestor 08/03/2020
Alcohol/Drug Release Form 08/03/2020
Alcohol/Drug Request Form 08/03/2020

Medical Certification

Title Posted
Self-Certification Affidavit 12/01/2011

Safety Responsibility

Title Posted
SR 1-21 06/23/2015

Driver Improvements

Title Posted
Initial Evaluation-Family Member Request 10/20/2020
Interlock Provider Survey 12/17/2019
Administrative DUI/DWI Hearing Request 08/14/2020