Driver Improvements

Arkansas Points System

Arkansas' Administrative Point System is used to identify problem drivers. A point range of 3 – 8 points is assessed to all moving violations, depending on the severity of the violation.

When a ticket is added to a driver’s record that puts the driver at the threshold of 10, a warning letter is generated and mailed to the driver so that the driver knows that they could suffer driver license sanctions if additional violations continue to accumulate on the record.

14 or more points, a hearing is automatically scheduled. A Hearing Officer will explain laws and regulations concerning the points system and the consequences violations, which could include probation or suspension of driving privileges.

If the licensee fails to attend the hearing, the license is automatically suspended.


Medical/Physical Disabilities

The Office of Driver Services, having good cause to believe that a licensed driver is incompetent or otherwise not qualified to be licensed may require the licensee to submit to an initial evaluation by a Driver Control Hearing Officer.

Law Enforcement, Medical Professionals, Motor Vehicle Administrations and concerned relative may report drivers who they think are no longer able to safely operate a motor vehicle.

Important Information about Initial Evaluations:

  • Please be as specific as possible about the medical, vision and mental conditions of the driver and include all supporting documents possible.
  • All information submitted must be of personal knowledge or observation.
  • The age of the driver will not be taken into consideration. Referrals must only be made in the interest of public safety and not due to age alone.  
  • Based on the information provided, the driver may be required to have a medical evaluation and/or retake all or part of the driver’s license exam.  
  • The final determination will not be released to the person who reported the driver.
  • Immediate family members that request an evaluation will be required to attend the initial evaluation.
  • Anonymous requests will not be accepted.


Initial Evaluation-Family Member Request Form

Restricted Permit Request Form