Age Waiver Information

Only those applicants who can provide verifiable documentation of a true hardship, which would cause extreme privation and/or suffering, should apply.


To submit your age waiver application online through, click here. 


The Office of Driver Services may issue an age waiver to a minor under the age of 18 upon a showing need in accordance with §27-16-804.

  • Applicant must have a valid Arkansas driver’s license and must have correct address on their license.
  • Applicant must have a minimum of six (6) months driving experience beginning on the date the learner’s license was issued.
  • Applicant cannot have any in-state or out of state at fault accidents, traffic violations, or suspensions.  

Documents Required:

Age Waiver Application

Additional supporting documentation is required as follows:

  1. Age Waiver Insurance Verification
  2. Age Waiver Work Verification- If applicable
  3. Age Waiver School Verification- If applicable
  4. Age Waiver Medical Verification- If applicable

If someone other than a parent has legal custody, a copy of the legal documents(s) supporting this fact must be submitted with the application.

All letters must be signed and dated within the last 30 days.

Request Age Waiver Hearing:

Incomplete applications will be denied.

All age waiver hearings will be conducted in person. The requestor (parent/guardian who agreed to be financially responsible) and the applicant (young driver) are required to be present at the hearing.

You will need to request a hearing with Driver Control after all documents are gathered and age waiver application is completed.

To request a hearing contact your local Driver Control Office.

The parent or guardian must have an Arkansas driver’s license or Identification card. The parent or guardian that signs the age waiver application must be the same individual that signed for financial responsibility.

Revocation of Age Waiver:

A moving traffic conviction, any violation of the provisions of the restricted age waiver, or any “at fault” accident will result in the revocation of the restricted age waiver and no other waiver will be considered.

At any time, Driver Control may review the issuance of an age waiver to determine the necessity of waiver.

Age Waivers Will Not Be Granted for the Following:

-Age waivers are not issued for voluntary services, church, or extracurricular activities outside of school activities.

-An age waiver will not be granted to transport siblings to any other destination other than the school the age waiver applicant attends.

-Age waivers will not be granted for employment that requires delivery services, driving a company vehicle, lawncare services,   babysitting, or any other employment that requires driving to multiple jobsite locations. 

-Age waivers will not be approved for out of state travel.

Additional Information:

An age waiver will only be granted for the time period that an extracurricular activity is in effect.

An age waiver will not be granted to drive before 6 a.m. or after 9 p.m.

An age waiver will not be granted for the minor to drive further than 30 miles (one way).

Age Waiver Forms:

Age Waiver Application

Insurance Verification

School Verification

Work Verification

Medical Verification