D980 Driving Records Program

Authorization to use this program must be obtained from the Office of Driver Services.  Each agency will be required to have a confidentiality agreement on file before access will be granted.  Upon authorization, a user name and password will be issued by the Information Network of Arkansas. 

The Office of Driver Services may report a driver's record without charge to all courts, law enforcement agencies, governmental agencies, and public transit systems as provided in this subchapter. For purposes of this section, “public transit systems” means entities which provide regular and continuing general or special transportation to the public and which receive federal assistance under 49 U.S.C. § 5307 or 49 U.S.C. § 5311.

Below are the requirements for obtaining driving records without charge:

  1. Agencies shall maintain copies of the signed driving record release form for each of their authorized drivers.


  1. The original notarized Arkansas Driving Record Abstract Agreement and the Agency Contact Person Information must be returned to the Office of Driver Services before a username and password will be issued to the Agency Contact Person allowing access to driving records through the website.

Arkansas Driving Record Abstract Agreement and Agency Contact Information person must re-filed upon any change of Agency Director or Agency Contact Person.

  1. Driving records cannot be obtained for non-resident drivers through the Office of Driver Services or the SVS system. Agencies will be required to obtain out of state driving records from the state of record.

This program is intended only for non-state employees. In some instances, agencies may utilitize the Arkanasas State Vehicle Safety Program and D980  Program. 

Driving Records Questions:                                               

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Phone: (501) 324-8900

Login Information or SVS System Questions:

NIC Arkansas (Former INA)

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Arkansas State Vehicle Safety Program

D980 Non-State Agency Program Packet