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Posted Date News Office
10/19/2020 MMC to meet October 20, 2020 Medical Marijuana Commission
10/17/2020 Arkansas cities, towns and counties encouraged to apply for CARES Funding All DFA
09/23/2020 Racing Commission to meet September 24, 2020 Racing Commission
09/23/2020 COVID-19: DFA Frequently Asked Questions All DFA
09/08/2020 Criminal Detention Facilities Review Committees All DFA, Criminal Detention
09/02/2020 MMC to meet September 29, 2020 Medical Marijuana Commission
08/24/2020 MMC to meet August 25, 2020 Medical Marijuana Commission
08/18/2020 ABC Board Meeting Alcoholic Beverage Control
08/11/2020 On-Premise, non-restaurant permits temporary expansions for outdoor seating Alcoholic Beverage Control
08/11/2020 Temporary expansion for restaurant outdoor seating Alcoholic Beverage Control, All DFA
08/06/2020 J. Eric Hagler appointed Director of Arkansas Scholarship Lottery All DFA
07/30/2020 Availability of Funds Notice: Comprehensive Opioid Abuse Site-based Program (COAP) All DFA
07/29/2020 Racing Commission to meet July 30 All DFA, Racing Commission
07/21/2020 Medical Marijuana Commission Meeting Medical Marijuana Commission
07/07/2020 Cawyer to lead state Assessment Coordination Division All DFA
06/25/2020 Medical Marijuana Commission Meeting Medical Marijuana Commission
06/22/2020 Arkansas Statewide Comprehensive Opioid Abuse Strategic Plan (Federal Award 2018-AR-BX-K085) All DFA
06/19/2020 Racing Commission to meet Monday, June 22 Racing Commission
06/19/2020 Proposed Rules: Distiller or Liquor Manufacturer Operations; Permits to Manufacture and Wholesale Alcoholic Beverages Alcoholic Beverage Control