Interlock Information

The Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration issues Ignition Interlock Restricted Driver Licenses to eligible licensees for violating § 5-65-103. An interlock restricted license will allow offenders to operate non-commercial vehicles equipped with an ignition interlock device.

What is an Interlock Device and Interlock Restricted License?

Interlock Device:
Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device - (BAIID) an electronic device with microcomputer logic and internal memory, having a breath alcohol analyzer as a major component, that interconnects with the ignition and/or other control systems of a motor vehicle for the purpose of preventing that motor vehicle from being started if the driver has a breath alcohol content which exceeds the preset limit.

Interlock Restricted Driver’s License:
An Interlock Restricted License allows you to drive non-commercial vehicles equipped with an ignition interlock device, during your suspension time for an alcohol related offense. An interlock restricted license is not available for a DUI Drugs related offense or 2nd or subsequent refuse test. A person must be legally in the United States in order to be eligible for an Arkansas driver’s license. Therefore, an interlock restricted license will not be issued for a period longer than the person is legally admitted in the U.S.

Mandatory Interlock Requirement:
Ignition Interlock is only required for alcohol related offenses. If you are arrested for any type of DUI offense after being issued an interlock restricted license, you must contact your local Driver Control Hearing Officer to determine eligibility.
You must have a functioning interlock device for the required amount of time below and/or until your suspension time is over, whichever is longer.

DUI Offense Count Mandatory Interlock Time
1 6 Months
2 24 Months
3 30 Months
4+ Lifetime Interlock Required

Interlock Cost:
Costs will vary by manufacturer, installer and type of device. You are responsible for all the costs associated with an ignition interlock device. Please contact an individual manufacturer for pricing. Interlock installation must be scheduled and installed through a qualified installer located within the State of Arkansas. An interlock provider list will be provided to you by Driver Control.

The following actions are considered violations of the terms and requirements of the mandatory interlock requirement and will result in revocation of your interlock restricted license in accordance with Ark. Statute § 5-65-118 (7)(A)(d). If your interlock license is revoked, you will have to serve your original suspension time without any driving relief. 
• Tampering, circumventing or bypassing the device
• Operating a vehicle without the ignition interlock device
• Violating the ignition interlock limited license

Commercial Driver’s License:
Drivers with a class A, B, or C commercial driver’s license (CDL) and/or who operate commercial motor vehicles are also subject to disqualification of commercial driving privileges. A restricted license will not be issued to operate a commercial vehicle. Commercial drivers must downgrade to a non-commercial license to have an interlock restricted license.
A CDL holder or a person required to have a CDL will be disqualified for 1 year if he or she refuses to be tested for alcohol or drugs or is convicted of DWI while operating any type of motor vehicle. All CDL holders must retest all phases of the commercial exam after disqualification period is over.
If the driver is transporting hazardous materials at the time, a 3-year disqualification is imposed.

New Suspensions after Interlock Restricted:
You are still subject to all laws pertaining to your driving privilege.
If your driver’s license is withdrawn for an unrelated non-alcohol offense during the time you have an ignition interlock device, you will continue to receive credit on the mandatory interlock time, however, during the suspension period you may not drive.
You must continue to have the ignition interlock device serviced and calibrated to meet program requirements. A licensed person must drive the vehicle to and from service and calibration appointments during the suspension time.
If you are arrested for any DUI offense (drugs or alcohol) after being issued an interlock restricted license, you must contact your local Driver Control Hearing Officer to determine eligibility.

Vehicle Information:
The ignition interlock device must be installed on any vehicle that you will be driving. The device may be installed on multiple vehicles. You cannot install an interlock on a commercial vehicle.
Anyone can drive the vehicle equipped with the ignition interlock device; however, anyone who drives the vehicle must be able to pass the breath tests. You are responsible for all readings registered by the ignition interlock device.
If you change vehicles or tag numbers that were originally equipped with your required interlock device, you must notify Driver Control to insure the interlock device is appropriately assigned to you.